Aircraft ferrying

We offer professional ferry services to vendors, purchasors, manufacturers.

Owners are offered the chance to experience the thrill of a lifetime, by participating on the ferry flight, and seeing the sights that few people are fortunate to see.

For example, a flight from the USA to Europe would typically involve stopping off at Goose Bay, Narsarsuaq, and Reykjavik. You would see the immense barren areas of Canada, the icebergs of the north Atlantic, the icecap and beautiful glaciers of Greenland, and finally, the welcoming shores of Scotland or Northern Ireland, depending on your destination.

Is ferry flying difficult?

The flying itself is generally not particularly difficult (although it nearly always requires IFR capability). However, in the same way that only 10% of an iceberg is visible, the actual ferry flight only represents a small portion of the total effort, if things are to go smoothly.

When collecting an aircraft for delivery, we first of all check all the paperwork, then take it for an acceptance flight, before it leaves its base. This is the time to establish the serviceability of all the equipment, its performance, fuel and oil burn rates, and so on. You can imagine the consequences of departing on a long overwater flights, only to pass the point of no return, then discover that the oil pressure is dropping, and the temperature rising a fairly sure sign of low oil, that will continue to get worse.

Knowing the different country procedures for export, transit, import, visa requirements, overflight and landing permissions, flight planning, and many, many other things, is critical. With proper prior planning, the flight itself should be enjoyable, and memorable. Without this planning, it is likely to become a flight from hell, plagued by all the beaurocratic minefields that exist, to trap the unwary. It will also be memorable, but for all the wrong reasons!

The price?

Please contact us to discuss your requirements, then we can give you a good idea of the effort involved, and the likely cost.

If this is acceptable, a contract will be drawn up, so that the scope of work is properly defined, and agreed.

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