BM Aviation

BM Aviation, owned by Brian Mellor, started in 1985, originally from Southampton and other southern UK airports, then from Jerez Airport, and now in Mallorca.

Brian Mellor

Brian Mellor is a flight instructor and ground/flight examiner (for EASA) with around 10,000 hours of flying experience, with both European and US qualifications.

Experience includes Corporate Pilot, Air Taxi, Ferry Pilot, and of course instructing

Current licences/ratings held are -

  • European (EASA): Commercial Pilot, Single Engine Piston (Land and Sea), Multi Engine Land, Touring Motor Glider, Flight Instructor (SE, ME, Instrument, Commercial, FIC)
  • EASA Examiner: Flight (SE, ME, TMG, IMC), Ground (PPL, IMC, Seamanship), Flight Radio Telephony Licence
  • American (FAA): Airline Transport Pilot, Commercial Pilot, Single Engine (Land and Sea), Multi Engine Land, Flight Instructor (SE Land and Sea, ME, Instrument, Commercial)


The present location of Mallorca has many advantages.

  • Fantastic range of hotels to choose from, often with very good prices. And the restaurants are wonderful - they have to be, with all the tourist activity.
  • This lovely island also offers many leisure activities, including climbing, cycling, sailing, wind- and kite-surfing, and horse-riding
  • Fine weather for most of the year (even the winter is usually better than the British summer!)
  • The large international airport, very close, has flights to all European countries, even in the winter.
  • Most of the training is conducted from Son Bonet (LESB), but with visits to Menorca and Ibiza, and often the mainland.
BM Aviation